Новый земснаряд УРАЛ Needless take back dredger World Cup 4000

новый земснаряд УРАЛ Needless take back dredger World Cup 4000
Фото: новый земснаряд УРАЛ Needless take back dredger World Cup 4000
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12 200 000 €
Цена с НДС – 18%
≈ 15 140 200 $
≈ 411 434 979 грн
Марка УРАЛ
Модель Needless take back dredger World Cup 4000
Тип земснаряд
Год выпуска 04/2016
Место расположения Бразилия Жоинвили
Дата размещения 23 Янв 2018
Autoline ID PM10328
Глубина копания 30 м
Высота выгрузки 30 м
Способы рыхления гидроразмыв
Ящик для инструмента
Марка Caterpillar
Тип V-образный
Мощность 3000 кВт (4082 л.с.)
Топливо дизель
Автомагнитола CD, MP-3
Круиз-контроль (темпомат)
Дополнительные фары
Противотуманные фары
Дополнительная комплектация
Центральная смазка
Ковш обычный
Состояние новый
Оригинальная лакировка
Оригинальная покраска
Цвет бордовый
Дополнительная информация:
Needless to take back bilge diesel-electric dredger Trailing suckling
It intended for the production of dredging with the release of soil
an underwater dump or refulirovaniem ashore.
Navigation area - unlimited, cruising 25 days.
On board two fixed pitch propellers installed, two streamlined
steering and suspension are two steering gears. The bow thruster is installed
The vessel is equipped with a windlass and two anchors Hall weighing 2900 kg in the nose and one
Hall anchor 460 kg feed. On board two lifeboats installed, operating
Boat with motor and two life rafts.
On the nose mounted Crane, lifting capacity of 8 tonnes in the stern - Crane
lifting capacity of 3 tons.
The ship has four main engines 6RS 2L (French production) capacity
1490 kW, four-shaft generator power of 1500 kW, two propulsion motors,
one diesel generator, four auxiliary shaft generator and steam boiler.
Operating the device consists of two groundwater pumps gruntoprovodov (suction
and pressure), onboard Sosunova pipe length of 28.4 m and a flight over the side of 3.5 m,
sample receiver trailing type overflow device, two pumps
gidrorazryhleniya, refulernogo gruntoprovoda.
Gruntozabora maximum depth of 20 m, range 800 m refulirovaniya.
Vessel Options:
Length overall, m -120.5
Width m -18
Depth, m - 9.1
Draft vessel is fully loaded, m-6.12
class PMPC
Displacement of the vessel in full
cargo, ie - 9150
Deadweight, 5371 m
The capacity of the soil hold
max, m-cube 3500
Speed, knots-14

The price of a new dredger from 900.0 mln. Rubles Price is valid until 04.16.2016

We produce the following types of dredgers: 400/20, 400/40, 800/40, 1400/40, 1600/25, 1900/58, 2000/63, 2650/75, 3000/50, 4000/75. Dredgers diesel, electric, hydraulic. Dredgers following work places: quarry, lake, river, estuary, coastal sea area.
There are leasing programs, as well as sell dredgers with installment payment up to two years!
Installing the dredgers to work with a subsequent purchase.
We export our manufacturing dredgers. In 2015 it was signed international contracts for the supply of dredgers in India.
We have production bases in the following cities: Russia - Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Kazakhstan - Kostonay. Building dredgers which is closer to the customer.
For all products year warranty, followed by post-warranty service.
Contact phone +79002299990
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