Новый туристический автобус IVECO DYPARRO 90T

новый туристический автобус IVECO DYPARRO 90T
Фото: новый туристический автобус IVECO DYPARRO 90T
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132 432 €
≈ 155 727 $
≈ 4 166 521 грн
Модель DYPARRO 90T
Тип туристический автобус
Год выпуска новый
Количество мест 30
Место расположения
Дата размещения 20 Сен 2017
Номер в стоке продавца NEW-1
Autoline ID WG4632
Мощность 170 л.с. (125 кВт)
Топливо дизель
Объем 2998 см³
Евро VI
Тип механика
Автономный обогреватель
Круиз-контроль (темпомат)
Состояние новый
Дополнительная информация: немецкий
Constructive version: Bodybuilding Dyparro 90 T 29+1+1 seats - Sasiu (Chassis): Iveco 70C Amp.4750 mm, 7,2 tone / Iveco 70C; Wheelbase 4750 mm; 7,2 tons -   - Standard equipment: - Stainless steel structure - Aluminum and fiberglass bodywork - Corrosion protection of the connection areas between steel and stainless steel - Luggage hold on the sides and rear - Interior walls with vacuum plastic, fiberglass, plush upholstery; - Two passenger doors with electric drive; - The upper glass from the front door with defroster - Lighting at the acces steps (Light profile and Spot ) - Electrically operated and heated door mirrors - Interior mirror - Thermal and phonic insulation of the passenger compartment, - Floor covered with anti skid linoleum, wear-resistant in tune with the interior - Sunroof glass with emergency exit - Defroster driver window with electric drive - Left and right front windows from the driver`s vision with defroster - Double glazed with UV protection (tinted black) - Air conditioning 14.5 kW Autoclima - Climate pipes made from fiberglass with air nozzles and reading lights for each seat with luggage rack - Light profile with two positions attached to the both climate pipes - Heater Webasto Thermotop C (water) 5 Kw - Longitudinal radiators (4 pieces) with fans operated with electrically opening system kit - Plush seats 29 pcs, fitted according with EU standard norms, mounted on rails with hoods; - Guide seat - Driver seat with mechanical suspension - Sun visor equipment for passenger compartment, sun visor for the driver and guide - Mounting stainless steel bars inside and at the entrance + sleeves - Electronic clock with temperature display - Warning system for uncoupled belts - Preparation for LCD and reversing camera mounting - Corridor carpet and in the luggage space - Ideograms and inscriptions according with EC norms - First aid kit ( 2 pcs ) - Fire Extinguishers ( 1 pcs ) - Documentation for homologation - - Optional equipment: - Toilet - Fridge 20 L / 40 L - Fridge and hot drinks dispenser - Coffee machine(TM Germania 2.5 l) - Heater Webasto Thermo 90 ST (water) kW - Price difference for metallic painting and varnshing - Price difference for painting in other color - Ski box - Support for clamping the ski box on the car ( 4 pcs ) - Support and trailer hook mounting - Driver seat with air suspension ( will mount a compressor) - Price dif, seat for: leather headrest /pcs / only sides /pcs / leather headrest and sides /pcs/ full leather / pcs - Price difference for seat covered in Micromotion stoff - Price difference for seats Buscomfort - The back of the seats covered in UNI stoff or in the same material as the seats / pcs - Supporting bars for passengers foot / pcs - Price difference for upholstery with Micromotion stoff - Seat fixed armrest to the window / pcs - DVD with monitor 17?/19' - Price for installation the DVD and monitor of the customer - Radio CD Sony / DVD with Blaupunkt microphone - Star ceiling with LED - Reversing camera Kit - Parking sensors - Simple glazed with UV protection (tinted black)
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